Staapli Studio was created for you, who values privacy, coziness and personality. Studio is small, but functional and offers you very versatile options for training.
Studio is located in the beautiful Noblessner quarter, right by the quayside. Lennusadam, City Hall, Kultuurikatel and Kalamaja are in the immediate vicinity.
Studio is staffed by professionals in their field, including trainers and physiotherapists.
You are welcome!


If your goal is better physical shape, a personal trainer is the perfect companion.

Why a personal trainer?

- Personal trainer helps to correctly determine your starting point and physical capacity, so that the initially selected training loads are reasonable.

- Personal trainer is your informed advisor in the world of training and nutrition "myths". You can focus only on the most important details!

- Personal trainer will help you understand the steps that will help you achieve your goals.

- Personal trainer teaches you optimal and correct technique for safe and productive training.

- We practice what we preach. Personal trainer is your active lifestyle role model. Guidance without words.

Disclaimer: Personal trainer is a "tool" with professional knowledge. No hammer will drive a nail into a wall by itself. The customer has to bring the willingness and the sparkle in the eyes. If both components are present, let's get to work!


Physiotherapist is a rehabilitation specialist who helps you with recovery from injuries and various neurological problems and other issues affecting the musculoskeletal system. At the same time, the physiotherapist helps to assess the risks and the person's current ability in order to better plan future training.

Why a physiotherapist?

You've done squats as if "according to the textbook", but your hips still hurt? Physiotherapist will find the right training load and exercise selection for your body and needs. Are you burdened by an old injury or are you about to undergo a planned operation? A physiotherapist will help you prepare for and recover from surgery. Can't find a balance between work and exercise? A physiotherapist will help you find a selection of exercises that will help you cope with workload and stress.


Roman Minlibajev/

+ 372 56 212 422

I have been involved in sports all my life - I have been playing football since I was 8 years old. Fortunately for me, I have been able to combine my hobby with work, that is, to help others find exercise and the joy of sports - one soul at a time.

"A healthy mind lives in a healthy body" is a motto that I want to convey to my clients as well, because a person's physique is strongly correlated with mental health. Let's be healthy people inside out.

My goal is to motivate people to be more active through personal example and knowledge.

I train and advise people of different ages and goals - from amateurs to top athletes.


2008-2011 Tallinn University Institute of Health Sciences and Sports, Faculty of Physical Education, Recreation (restoration of working capacity), bachelor's degree

2011 Gluckerkolleg international personal trainer invitation

2012-2014 Estonian School of Massage and Therapy, professional sports masseur

Your body is your temple. Take care of your temple because it is the only place you have to live in!

Achievements as a coach:

- 2015 MyFitness Personal Trainer of the Year

- 2018 MyFitness Coach of the Year


Jüri Salupere/


I've always loved movement, doing sports at different levels from judo to rock climbing and competitive dancing to skateboarding. Even as a child I was interested in pushing and pushing my limits. However, I have always felt that I want to help not only myself, but also others. Over the years, these interests have turned into my profession, and as a physical therapist, I have had the opportunity to help people on many fronts. While working in a hospital, I specialized in the rehabilitation of neurological patients, later I helped top athletes in the soccer team find a balance between health and maximum performance. I believe that every person - regardless of their "shape", age, job - is capable of feeling good in their own body. I will give my all to help you find joy in movement and give you the necessary skills to live pain-free.

2007-2010 Tartu Health College, Physiotherapy

Discover the true potential of your body!


Agne Laansalu/


I love movement, it makes me happy and gives me energy. I would like to use my experience and knowledge to help those people who do not know how or cannot find enough motivation on their own to be physically active on a regular basis. If you have found your way to the door of the Studio, I believe we can do it.

As a physiotherapist, my calling is to deal with the smallest things. You can come to me with your baby for developmental therapy or personal training with your child. Adults are also welcome. Under my guidance, both circuit training for pregnant women and mat pilates classes take place in the studio.


2006- 2009 Tartu Health College, physiotherapy

2018-2019 Flexus Pilates Studio, mat pilates course

I love my job and I am dedicated to what I do! I'm waiting for you to train!




I've always been active and interested in different sports. After high school I started physical education studies in university of Tallinn, knowing that I would like to help others to be more active and skillful. I've coached kids from 1 year old up to the adults. My main focus has been gymnastics and cheerleading. I know the importance of active and versatile body and if adults have missed those teachings in young age, it is never late to learn them now. My wish and commitment is for everyone, who would like to feel more comfortable and healthy in their own body and mind.


2008-2011 Tallinn University Institute of Health Sciences and Sports, Faculty of Physical Education, bachelor's degree

2013-2014 Danish gymnastics school:, Gymnastikhojskolen i Ollerup

2015 EOK 5. level, gymnastics

2021 EOK 5. level, cheerleading

Your health is in your hands!



The key words are a correctly chosen starting point, a correctly acquired exercise performance technique, a reasonably determined action plan and continued motivation!


Together we achieve more and unity is strength. Group size 2-4 people. In a small group, the personality is preserved, but the price is cheaper for people, because it is divided among the group. Grab your friends and come to group personal training!


During the consultation, we remove many confusing myths so that eating is not rocket science, but everyday sensible, meaningful and sustainable. We analyze your diet and introduce changes that are really essential. NB! Does not prepare meal plans.


Order us to hold a lecture on health sports topics at your event. Price upon agreement.


In the period spring/summer/autumn, it is possible to order training for groups also in outdoor conditions. Let's set up circuit training stations in the forest and start sweating to the accompaniment of birdsong!


Skilled physiotherapists will help and advise you on questions that arise in connection with injuries or, even better, injury prevention.




1 training


1 training


10 trainings


10 trainings


1 training


7 trainings


1 training


10 trainings


1 training (group size max 15 persons)


10 trainings

Prices include entrance to the studio



Estonia's best sailor, Olympic athlete
Roman knows how to get to know a person - both by choosing different exercises in the gym and their level of difficulty, and how to motivate and talk simply and transparently about why to do what without making things too complicated. Roman's personal great desire to develop keeps the cooperation always interesting, because there are always new exercises, nothing gets boring and old, even if you train with him every day, week after week. With Roman, you are always in motion, and always in the right direction, for the better! But most importantly, Roman one of the few physical trainers whom I have trusted to the end, trusting him with my body, my health, knowing that it is in good hands.


Forward of the Estonian national football team
Roman knows what he is doing and why. Having played and trained with him, I know that the man does everything with his heart and is a very professional and hardworking coach.


Muay Thai boxer
As a coach, Roman is very versatile and like a chameleon can identify with the needs of different sports. In addition, his training never gets boring, there are always completely new exercises designed to make training fun.


recreational athlete
Expert and dedicated trainer. From the first training, the "work" started at full speed, and since then, in addition to my physical fitness, my knowledge about the importance of exercise, training in general, and healthy nutrition improved significantly, which as a whole formed a very good basis for achieving the goals set earlier. He can make training interesting and versatile, and he also has the ability to motivate, if necessary, if that extra push is needed during training. Cooperation with Roman has led to the fact that healthy eating and regular exercise have become a natural part of life, and such a change was not even a goal in the initial phase.


recreational athlete
An awesome coach and a very smart person. The exercises are very nice, and I'm not lying when I say that he has managed to come up with some new, interesting and difficult exercise for almost every exercise! My favorite days are the ones that start with Roman training. Together is more intense!


recreational athlete
"We have known Roman for the last 7 years, 1.5 of which I have attended his personal training. The training is pleasantly varied and developing. I would characterize Roman as a friendly, professional and motivating person. Can turn a bad day into a positive one :)"


hobby marathon runner
"Roman is a very positive and friendly coach. Under his guidance, goals are more achievable. Roman's exercises are always interesting, and during training he instructs how to do the exercises correctly - if necessary, he adds weights (if he doesn't add them himself)."


recreational athlete
Training with Roman is conscious, progressive in loads and always varied. The best part of the day you always look forward to!


long term customer
I ended up training with Roman in August 2016, when my previous coach moved away from Estonia. Since I am the kind of person who needs constant motivation, I have always considered it necessary to train with a trainer. In Roman, I value creativity as a coach, that is, even during such periods when I am in the gym 4-5 times a week, the workouts do not become routine. I once found myself wondering how he could generate so many different exercises. And the answer was actually simple - he is a real pro in his field! Training with him is vigorous and what is important for me - fun. Even if sometimes the worm of laziness kicks in and I think that today maybe I should skip the workout, then after the workout, having raced for an hour under the guidance of Roman, who is bursting with energy, but at the same time with a calm nature, the mood is good again and the nausea, fatigue and worries are wiped away. Roman is a good friend and his training is an even better investment in your own health."


recreational athlete
I have always had a sporty lifestyle, experimented with different areas and worked with different coaches. Unfortunately, there is no area or person left to stick to. It was important for me that the trainer himself was in good shape and had a healthy lifestyle, smarter than average, that there was more to talk about than food and weights, and that he was positive and motivating by nature. In the case of Roman, you can tick all the boxes. Today, we have been training together for almost four years, and I do most of my training with Roman. The remaining small part I try to manage with my willpower. It is always good to leave the gym in a good mood.



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